test message


Near the beginning of my colour alphabet, TEST MESSAGE followed HELLO WORLD as a go to phrase for testing a new coding system. Both phrases come from my time as a systems engineer, with the test message predating that by reaching back to my time as a teleprinter technician (in the 1970s). There is an index of 1 PIXEL ALPHABET outcomes. Click through to check them out and don’t forget to resize your browser to adjust the presentation.

TEST MESSAGE © revad David Riley
TEST MESSAGE © revad David Riley

colouring shakespeare


A visual coding of all 154 of Shakespeare’s Sonnets. Each letter of each word of each sonnet is represented by a single colour pixel resized by the page HTML to morph and fit your browser window. Choose your favourite sonnet via the index.

sonnet 106
sonnet 106 / colouring shakespeare / © revad David Riley